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IPTC Data support in PhotoLine

IPTC Data are additional informations that are created by the author of an image. They are stored inside an image. The author can save here his name, an image title, keywords, creation date and much more.
PhotoLine can load and save this data in JPEG, TIFF, PSD and PLD files without limitations.
Some of these informations can be loaded and saved in PDF, TGA and GIF format.

Show IPTC Data in Browse Window

PhotoLine shows IPTC data in the Browse window. You don't need to load the image to see the IPTC data.

IPTC Data in the Browse Window

Show IPTC Data in Already Opend Image

If there are IPTC data, PhotoLine shows them in the Attributes Dialog.
Attributes Dialog

You can double click this entry in the attributes dialog or select "Document/Document Informations" in the menu to show the IPTC Data. Here you can change the IPTC data if you want to.

IPTC Data Dialog

Show IPTC Data in the image

Show IPTC Data in the image

Use "Document/Text into Image" to show IPTC Data in the image.
You can modify the font style, the location of the text and, if you want to, you can create a partially transparent area behind the text..

Rename Pictures

PhotoLine can rename pictures automatically. Among other items you can use IPTC data to create the new filenames.

Rename Pictures