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PDF Files

PhotoLine can save documents as PDF. On doing that text and vector graphic is - if possible - not reduced to pixel graphics. On saving optionally all color information in a document can be converted to CMYK.
PhotoLine can also import PDF files. The import keeps the structure of the document intact, this means, text is read as text layers and vector graphics is read as vector layers.

Documents With Multiple Pages

PhotoLine is able to work with documents containing more than one page. This allows the creation of booklets and flyers. In contrast to classic image processing PhotoLine can create empty pages (pages without a background image) which can be used to place images, text and vector graphics.

Powerful Text Functions

Aside from the usual rectangular text boxes text in PhotoLine can run along vector paths, too.
Furthermore text can flow from one text box to another or to the next page.
Text flowing around or inside another object is also possible.
Path Text Text Inside Text Outside

Dynamic Effects

Dynamic effects are functions, that are only added to a layer and don't modify the layer data. This allows accessing the original data every time you want to, which means, afterwards text can still be edited as normal text and vector graphics as vector graphics.
There are three groups of dynamic effects:

Additional Functions

PhotoLine offers functions for any given task: