Photo Editing




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The operations applied to an image can be recorded as "Actions" (sometimes called "Macro"). This allows to apply the same functions to a different image later.

Batch Converting

By using the function Batch Converting every picture file in a folder can be converted to a specific file format (for example JPEG). You can additionally apply a previously recorded action to every picture. This allows to perform nearly every possible image processing task.


PhotoLine can save slideshows as PDF and as Flash/SWF.


PhotoLine can undo up to 999 operations.


PhotoLine allows to print a document at any location and in any size. By using the document mode several images can be printed on a single sheet of paper and the images can be placed freely on the sheet.
The Label mode fills a sheet with a picture by printing it repeatedly.
The Poster mode distributes large images to several sheets. These sheets can be glued together to get the full image.
The Pages mode allows to print several pages on a single sheet of paper. The order of the pages can be changed, so that the result can be used to create a booklet. Furthermore the mode Greeting Card prints the content of a document with 4 pages, so that the resulting sheet of paper can be folded to a greeting card.

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