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EXIF Data Support in PhotoLine

EXIF data are additional informations, that are mostly appended to images by digital cameras. They contain informations like camera model, focal length, flash, ...
PhotoLine can load, show and save this data in JPEG, TIFF and PLD files. Be aware that many programs can't do this with the lossless TIFF format.

Show EXIF Data in Browse Window

PhotoLine shows EXIF data in the browse window. You don't need to load the image to see the EXIF data.

EXIF Data in the Browse Window

Show EXIF Data in Already Opened Image

If there are EXIF data, PhotoLine shows them in the Attributes dialog.
Attributes Dialog

You can double click this entry in the attributes dialog or select "Document/Document Informations" in the menu to show the EXIF Data.

EXIF Data Dialog

Show EXIF Data in the image

Show EXIF Data in the image

Use "Document/Text into Image" to show EXIF Data in the image.
You can setup the font style, the location of the text and, if you want to, you can create a partially transparent area behind the text.

Rename Pictures

PhotoLine can rename pictures automatically. Among other items you can use the EXIF data to create the new filenames.

Rename Pictures

Sort Browse Window by EXIF Date

If you save a modified image, the file date will be changed, too. To get the correct order of your digital camera images, PhotoLine can sort the images by the EXIF date.

Sort Pictures

ECopy EXIF Date to File Date/Rotate Pictures automatically

PhotoLine can copy the EXIF date to the file date. Use this to get the original file date for images, that have been modified and saved. By doing this it is possible to sort your digital camera images by creation date.
Many cameras can save the orientation of the images in the EXIF data. PhotoLine can rotate these images automatically lossles.

Use EXIF Data