Compatibility of Photoline with Steam Deck?

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Compatibility of Photoline with Steam Deck?

Post by IFrosch »

Hey folks,

I recently got my hands on a Steam Deck and I'm thrilled with its capabilities so far. However, one thing I'm curious about is whether anyone has had success running Photoline on their Steam Deck.

I've been using Photoline for a while now on my desktop, and it's become an essential tool for my image editing needs. But since the Steam Deck runs on a Linux-based OS, I'm not entirely sure if Photoline is compatible or if there's a workaround to get it running smoothly.

Has anyone attempted to install and use Photoline on their Steam Deck? If so, could you share your experience and any tips or tricks you used to make it work? Alternatively, if Photoline isn't compatible, are there any similar alternatives that you would recommend for image editing on the go with the Steam Deck?

Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!
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Re: Compatibility of Photoline with Steam Deck?

Post by gmhofmann »

Can you install the linux version of WINE on your steam deck?
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Re: Compatibility of Photoline with Steam Deck?

Post by Herbert123 »

I read that some users run Photoshop 7 via Proton on their Steam Decks or run Windows on the go via a separate SD card.

And WINE works fine on the Steam Deck: ... team-deck/

Here is a guy who got Photoshop CC19 running through WINE on his Steam Deck. If PS runs, PhotoLine will run garantueed as well. No doubt. :-)

So yes: various methods to get PhotoLine up and running on your Steam Deck. Although the small screen may not yield the best user experience...
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