PhotoLine 22


PhotoLine is a versatile all-purpose image and graphics editor. You can edit images or optimize them for the web, but you can also prepare print-ready PDF data.

PhotoLine offers the creative professional sophisticated tools: CMYK and Lab color space, color management with ICC profiles, adjustment layers, recording actions and 16/32-bit color depth per channel. Vector graphics can be edited as well as PDF files.

The most important new features of this release are:

And of course there are numerous small enhancements and performance improvements.

Graphics and Layout Improvements

Transform Vector Points

With the new Transform Vector Points tool, the selected points of a vector layer can be transformed using a selection frame just like a layer.

Transform Vector Points

Path Groups

When you apply operations such as union or difference on vector layers, the operations are no longer performed directly, but a path group is created.

A path group is a mixture of a group and a vector layer. It contains all the vector layers involved, but it can also be assigned a fill color and an outline style.

The vector layers in the group can be edited later, and the result of the vector operation adjusts automatically.

You can also drag additional vector layers into the path group and assign an operation to them using the layer list.

The following example shows a path group with two circles and a rectangle in between. The left circle and the rectangle were unified and the right circle was subtracted from the result. The original vector layers are drawn weakly, the result strong:

Path Groups

Editable Vector Patterns

In the color editor, all colors that occur in a vector pattern can now be changed directly. This way, for example, a simple checkerboard pattern quickly becomes a diamond pattern:

Editable Vector Patterns

Table Of Contents

A table of contents can now be created for documents. The table of contents is based on the text styles used in your document.

(in the menu under "Layout > Text > Table Of Contents")

Pixel Grid

To make pixel-precise working easier, a pixel grid can be displayed.

Furthermore, automatic alignment to the pixel grid is possible. This ensures that layers always remain perfectly aligned when moved and scaled.

(in the menu under "View > Alignment Helpers > Show Pixel Grid" and "View > Alignment Helpers > Use Pixel Grid")

Channel Mask

Layers now have a channel mask that controls which color channels are changed by the layer. This allows you to set, for example, that a layer only changes the red and green channels, but not the blue channel. Transparency can also be controlled.

(in the Layer Attributes dialog under "Channels")

Channel Mask

Vector Tool Improvements

Image Processing Improvements


The Vibrance filter changes the saturation of an image. There are two possible settings. The Saturation setting works as known from other functions. The Vibrance setting, on the other hand, has a stronger effect on less saturated colors and a weaker effect on skin tones. As a result, images remain more natural after an application.

(in the menu under "Tool > Color > Vibrance“)

Multichannel Images

Multichannel Images

In previous PhotoLine versions, only a single color or gradient could be assigned to a gray image in the Layer Attributes dialog.

Now several process and spot colors are possible and each of the colors can have a tone curve. This allows multichannel images to be created.

Multichannel Images

You can also manage and assign presets via the context menu.

(in the Layer Attributes dialog under "Color", only with 8 bit gray images)


Various improvements


Display Preferences

Page List

Document Attributes Dialog

Documents now have their own antialiasing setting. This makes it easy to change the antialiasing and image interpolation in a document.

File Imports And Exports

Minor improvements

What was new in: