PhotoLine 21


PhotoLine is available for Windows and macOS.

The registration fee is 59 Euro.

An upgrade for an existing license costs 29 Euro. If you ordered the previous version after 1st of April 2018, you will get the upgrade for free, just send an email.


PhotoLine is a versatile all-purpose image and graphics editor. You can edit images or optimize them for the web, but you can also prepare print-ready PDF data.

PhotoLine offers the creative professional sophisticated tools: CMYK and Lab color space, color management with ICC profiles, adjustment layers, recording actions and 16/32-bit color depth per channel. Vector graphics can be edited as well as PDF files.

The most important new features of this release are:

And of course there are numerous small enhancements and performance improvements.


Actions are a good way to automate repeating tasks. Sometimes, however, you reach their limitations, because certain work steps are not feasible. This is where scripting comes in.

It offers the following advantages:

On Windows PhotoLine supports the VBScript interface and on macOS AppleScript.

Graphics and Layout Improvements

Page Spread

PhotoLine now supports multiple pages, e.g. double or triple pages. This makes it easier to create cross-page elements in brochures and leaflets and judge their impact.

Page Spread

Editable Vector Patterns

Vector Patterns Options

The colors used in a vector pattern can now be changed directly in the Color Editor if they have been given a name.

Editable Vector Patterns

Document Colors with Transparency

Document Colors with Transparencyz

If you have previously changed a document color, only the color value of the new color was used in the document, the transparency was not changed. Now document colors optionally "inherit" their transparency. Just as you turn document colors into spot colors, this property is also activated in the Color Editor.

New Image Processing Features

More Flexible Selection Functions

Up to now, selection functions (lasso, mask, ...) could only be used in combination with image layers. This restriction has now been lifted.

All lasso tools can now be used independently of the active layer. The same applies to the mask functions (in the menu under "Tool > Mask").

The selection tools (Automask, Mask Brush, Quick Selection and Border Matting) now also work together with placeholder layers.

Lens Correction

Lens Correction is a new feature that solves common problems when taking digital photos:

(in the menu under "Filter > Digital Camera > Lens Correction")

Improved Filter Dialogs

In filter dialogs, the size of the controls can now be better adjusted to your needs. If you need a higher accuracy, simply make them larger.> Improved Filter Dialogs

Raw Import

In the past, when importing raw images, a background image was always created that contained the actual raw file, and two adjustment layers that "develop" the raw image. PhotoLine can now create a placeholder layer instead of a background image:

What both variants have in common is that dynamic filters can be applied to the raw layer. PhotoLine does that and automatically creates a lens correction layer when importing a raw file. If PhotoLine does not find a suitable lens in the lens database, the lens correction layer is switched to invisible, and you can later select a suitable lens yourself.

(in the settings under "File > Raw")

Enhanced Adjustment Layers

Miscellaneous Enhancements

General Improvements

Auto Save

Modified documents are now optionally saved automatically after a specified time span. This does not overwrite the original application file, but creates a new file in the settings directory.

These backups are deleted at the end if the program is closed normally. If PhotoLine is unexpectedly closed, the next time you start the program, you will be asked whether you want to load the backup copies.

(in the settings under "File > Save Options")

Automatic Update Check

By default, PhotoLine now checks once a week if there is a newer version. Also, if a newer version is found, more information about this version is now displayed.

Of course, the time period for the update check can be set and it can also be switched off completely.

(in the settings under " Extended > System")

Font Substitution

If an unknown font is found when loading a PDF or PSD file, PhotoLine asks for a replacement font. This inquiry dialog has been completely overhauled.

It now offers the following options:

Layer Attributes Dialog

File Imports

Minor Improvements

What was new in: