New in Version 15.50


Full Document Preview

The full document preview has been rewritten and is updating faster now.
All functions and filters, that are also available as working layer, are now usually updating in real time. The delay of the full document preview of all other functions is dependent of the image size, the complexity of the calculations and the speed of the computer. On fast computers the preview is shown much faster than in earlier versions.

Vector Editor

The vector editor has been rewritten nearly completely. Creating and editing vector graphics is now much more comfortable.

Vector Editor
Histogram Correction

The Histogram Correction dialog is now arranged clearlier.

Histogram Correction
Delete/Copy/Move Picture

Picture files can now be deleted, moved and copied directly from inside the main application. On previous versions you had to use "Show Image" or the Browse function to manage files.


There is now a new Guides dialog.
> Additionally you can now create guide lines, that are only used on even, odd or the active page.

PSD Import And Export

The PSD import can now read layer effects better.
On export the layer intensity and the display mode will be saved, too.

Scale Layer/Scale Document

These functions now have a "Resolution" option. Using this option images and documents can be converted to a different printer resolution. Images will be resampled.

Scale Layer/Scale Document
Text Layers

You can now insert soft returns in text layers with Shift+Return.


The dialog for managing tabs was made new and is now simpler.

Fonts Panel

On Mac OS the OS-provided Fonts panel is now supported.

Layer Effects

All shadow effects and the effect "Window Shades/Tubes" now have the option "Hide Original".
Furthermore the quality of many effects has been enhanced.

Layer Effects
Standard Filters Speed-Up

The standard filters "Soften", "Gaussian Blur", "Sharpen", "Unsharp Masking" and "High pass" are now faster, especially if the filter radius is large.

Minor Enhancements

  • Crop Tool
    You can now define the resulting image size by numbers and in pixels on cropping. Crop Tool
  • Spell Checking
    On Windows the spell checking libraries can be copied into the PhotoLine directory. This way you have a more compact installation.
  • Images With Alpha Channel
    If possible, on removing the alpha channel of an image the data attached to that image (JPEG or PNG data) are no longer removed.
  • Slideshow
    The dialog of the Slideshow function is now showing the duration and the transition mode under the preview picture. Slideshow
  • USB Mode
    By creating a directory named "UserSettings", PhotoLine will load all settings from this directory.
    On Windows you now can set the name of the user settings folder by using the command line option "-settings usersettings", allowing you using different configurations in different situations.
  • Copying of Pictures
    On copying a picture into a document the size of the picture will be adjusted according to its resolution.
    If you are copying a picture inside a document, the size will no longer be changed.
  • Curves
    If the HIS mode is activated, the H curve will now be reseted. Curves
  • Browse
    If there isn't enough space, the pathnames now will be shortened appropriately. Browse
  • Shortcuts of Tools
    If a tool in the toolbar has a shortcut and the place of the tool is used multiple times (for example the lasso tools), using the shortcut will switch through the tools.
  • "Show Image" Functions
    The dialog for copying and moving files has been enhanced. Show Image Functions
  • Browse
    Dragging files from the Browse window to a Finder window is now copying/moving the files correctly.
  • Dragging Files
    On Mac OS dragging multiple files into a PhotoLine document now opens all files.
  • 3D Body
    The functions now works on images with an applied Outline Warping, too.

New in Version 15.00

Better User Interface

Docking Helper Dialogs

The handling of the helper dialogs has been reworked. On Windows you can now dock helper dialogs to each other, that are not embedded in the main window, too.

Furthermore the current layout can be saved and used later by using the main menu ("View/Dialog Layout") or the context menu of the title bar of a helper dialog.

Docking Helper Dialogs
Editing of Color Blends

Color blends can now be edited directly in the document window:

  • Clicking and dragging moves a blend color.
  • By clicking on the blend line a new color is created.
  • Dragging a color away deletes that color. But note, that there have to be at least two colors in the blend.
  • The context menu of the blend line allows to modify the blend type and the color space.
Editing of Color Blends
The Attributes Dialog

The Attributes dialog has been extended to a very important control center.
It will show you all important information of the active document, the active page and the active layer. Usually these values can be edited directly. You can still work the „classic way“ by using the main menu, but using the Attribute dialog is much faster.

Attributes Dialog
Document Window: Background Color Adjustable

The standard background of document windows is very bright and not best for editing dark images. Therefore the background color can now be changed optionally.

Background Color
Text Options

All options needed for formatting text have been combined in the tool settings of the Text tool. The now useless dialog „Text Options“ has been removed.

Text Options

Image Processing

The „Red Eye“ Tool

The Red Eye tool can correct the red eyes, that originate from taking a photo by using a flash light. In order to do this, you have to mark the red eyes by using the mouse first. On releasing the mouse button the correction will take place. The options in the Tool Settings can be used to enhance the result.

Red Eye
The Tool "Color Position"

With the tool Color Position you can lay down positions in the document. The color at these positions will then be displayed in the Picture Info dialog. This allows to control the effect of an image manipulation at glance.

Color Position
Color Correction

Color Correction can be used to correct the colors of an image. If Adjust Whitepoint is activated, bright colors and especially white are kept unmodified.

Color Correction

Variable Blur

Variable Blur is a specialized Version of the Gaussian Blur. While the Gaussian Blur applies the same filter radius to the whole image, the Variable Blur adjusts the radius based on the mask value (see chapter 2.4.1) at the current location. This can used to simulate depth of field.

A mask value of 0 means a radius of 0. There is no filtering. A mask value of 255 means maximum filtering: the value entered in the dialog will be used. The calculation of the values in between depends on Bias. If the bias value is 0.50, the radius will be interpolated linearly

Variable Blur
Scaling/Change Layer Size/Change Document Size Now With Formula Support

The scaling functions and the functions for modifying the document and the layer size now have a new working mode: Formula. Formula allows to set the new size as a formula allowing more flexibility. Especially on recording actions this is a major enhancement.

Formula Support

Curves now optionally allows to work in Lab or HIS color space.

Additionally the transparency (alpha channel) can now be edited, too.


Working With Files

SVG Import

SVG is going to be a standard format for vector graphics. Aside from vector graphics it can contain images and text.

PhotoLine is now able to import SVG files.

Batch Converting

If you want to use a fix destination file format, you can now change the options of this file format directly in the dialog Batch Converting.

Batch Converting
Web Export

By default the Web Export is now saving RGB images in sRGB color space. This way the problem, that pictures look different on web pages, is reduced.

Mac OS Icon Files (ICNS)

PhotoLine is now supporting the two new icon sizes 256x256 and 512x512 pixels. Both sizes can be read and written.

PDF Export

The PDF Export can now export the image map entries created with the function "Web/Image Map/Assign Command".

TIFF Import

If a TIFF file contains a not correctly marked preview, PhotoLine will now recognize it nevertheless and will not load it any longer.

Mac OS: Support of Quick Look

On Mac OS there is now a simple support of Quick Look for PLD files. It will show the embedded preview.



The Browse window can now show a large preview of the selected file.

The size of the preview is adjustable.

Calculations In The Background

Previews of JPEG, TIFF and PNG files are now calculated in the background. This way the user interface is more responsive.

Search For Keywords

Wird in der Suchfunktion der Bildübersicht nach einem leeren The search function of the Browse window now allows to search for empty keywords by clearing the search text and using the condition "is equal".

Create Picture Catalog

The resolution of the images in the created catalog can now be reduced to the document resolution. This minimizes the memory consumption of the catalog.

Show Image
  • Full Screen
    The Show Image dialog can now be full screen.
  • Copy/Move File
    You can now predefine several destination folders for moving and copying files.
Copy/Move File


64 Bit Version

PhotoLine can now run as a 64 bit application on a suitable computer system and can now utilize the whole installed RAM.

On PCs you need a XP-64 or a Vista-64 and on Macs a OS X 10.5 with Core 2 processor or better. By using the 64 bit version there is an additional performance win.

Of course, PhotoLine can still be used on 32 bit systems.

Text Register

The text register allows to overlay the pages of the document with a line raster. A paragraph can be aligned to this raster by using the new paragraph attribute "Text in Register". This results in a better looking text, if there are multiple columns or both sides of a sheet of paper are used for printing.

Date/Page Number

Date/Page Number will insert a special character showing a certain kind of information.

For example in a document with several pages this allows you to create a headline containing "Page 2 Of 4" which is automatically adjusted to the current page number and the number of pages.

The Ray Tool

This tool can be used to create rays.

The Ray Tool
Harmonic Colors

By using the context menu of a color field, you can call the function "Harmony".

Harmonic Colors
Actions Now With Pauses

You can now insert one or more pauses in an action. While playing an action, a pause allows you make modifications in your document, that are important for the following steps of the action. You can for example enter text or create a selection.

Actions Now With Pauses


  • Duplicating the background layer
    On duplicating the background layer the new layer now automatically gets a transparency channel.
  • ICC profile
    PhotoLine can now use ICC profiles, that are not installed in the operation system. These Icc profiles have to be located in the application folder in the subfolder "Defaults/ICCProfiles".
  • Perspective distortion
    The function "Effects/Shape Tools/Distort Frame" can now be recorded as action.
  • Lasso
    The lasso can now be scaled by using Shift+arrow key (Ctrl/command key for larger steps).
  • Blends
    If "Antialias" is activated, blends are now dithered.
  • Layer dialog
    There is now a icon for creating layer masks quickly.
    Layer dialog
  • Curves/Curve editor
    Points can now be deletes by using the Delete key (Windows) or Backspace (Mac OS).
  • Crop tool
    The Crop tool will now crop by using the Return key, too.
  • Document mode, window
    The areas outside the document are noew drawn faded in the document window.
  • Plug ins
    Better plug in support.
  • Pixelize Filter
    The Pixelize filter can now be restricted to the current selection.
    Pixelize Filter
  • Unit text field
    Text fields can now calculate with different units (i.e. "12 pt + 10 mm").
  • Layout/Image/JPEG Compression
    If the resulting data are larger than the already existing ones, the existing data will be used.
  • Align Pattern, Attribute dialog
    Used with groups the option "Align Pattern" can now optionally be applied to the children of the group.
  • Tool Bar, vector layers, line width
    The line width can now be modified with a double-arrow control.
    Tool Bar
  • Preview in dialogs
    The preview of some filters is now faster.
  • Layer dialog
    The context menu now offers the various show/clip combinations.
    Layer dialog
  • Context menu
    The customizable context menu can now have separators.

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