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Re: Black point

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bruce1951 wrote: Tue 14 Jan 2020 06:18 I want to compress the blacks. On the left of the chart is 0%. On the right is 100%. So if I move the 0% arrow right the center arrow also moves to the right. (Yes I can drag the center arrow back). Thus affecting the whole image. ie I want to move the left arrow to 5% without affecting the whole image. Confusing? Here what I would like. I would like to be able to lock say the 10% point. Then adjust the left arrow from 0% to 5%. Thus only affecting the range from 0% to 10%. Not the whole image. Possible?
Setting black point with puppet (or manually with sliders) is not a compressing, it is hard clipping of tonal range.
To compress tonal range you need to use S-shaped contrast curve.
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Re: Black point

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Thanks guys. Yes I've been trying the same with curves. I was just looking for an alternative. And yes I meant clipping not compressing.

I'll go back to playing with the curves and see if I can get what I'm looking for.