PhotoLine on Flickr

Here everybody can post his problems with PhotoLine
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PhotoLine on Flickr

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I'm sure there are many photographers here who subscribe to Flickr but do not post their work to the PhotoLine group there. So, to make it easy for you, here's the link:

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Re: PhotoLine on Flickr

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Omg, I have totally forgotten that I have an account there.
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Re: PhotoLine on Flickr

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Just a month ago I killed my flickr account, because the new owners coded too many cookies and trackers into the site, allowing third parties to grab my data and pay for it (the worst way to do business by the way). When I couldn't log in anymore, because I block 3rd party cookies and trackers, I pulled the plug by using another browser to log in and delete everything.

However, I really don't understand why users don't post links to images they published on flickr or any other platform. I am aware that running a server costs money and time for moderation, so I really understand that the developers don't want to set up an image gallery. In addition, many users don't want negative comments about their images, because too many visitors would rant about something they don't even understand — a very specific behavior of Germans.

The new generation just wants to wade through endless streams of images and give an anonymous like or dislike here and there. That's something the PhotoLine developers definitely can't handle — it's not their business or task.

I for example even killed my 4 blogs with tons of images because the behavior of Wordpress. Now I'm running my blog on my own server next to my website. You may ask why I don't publish the URL here: Same reason as above. Too many envious and disgraceful people could and would leave negative comments, which would harm my integrity. They all would stay in anonymity, nobody would say »Thank you«.

Just try to imagine what these people ... 851#p45851 (read the rest of the thread) would do if I would post the address of my website here... malicious insults would be the most harmless thing I would have to face afterwards.

We are living in an absurd world with a perverted society. Too many rats out there...
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