Dragging from the Finder

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Dragging from the Finder

Post by OldRadioGuy »

On the Mac version....

How do I get a running session of PhotoLine to remain on the screen when I open Finder to drag an image into PL?

When I try this, PhotoLine disappears, and when I bring PL back to the screen, it obscures Finder. I haven't been able to find a setting to change this.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Dragging from the Finder

Post by shijan »

Panels just autohide like this on macOS.

Drag image from Finder to PhotoLine Dock icon.
Or right mouse click on image and use menu Open With -> PhotoLine
Or instead of Finder use "File -> Open" or even better "File -> Browse" in PhotoLine
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Re: Dragging from the Finder

Post by Martin Huber »

You can also start the drag operation in Finder and - while dragging - switch the active app with Command+Tab.